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My Simple Trick for Beating Laziness and Building Self Discipline

From the comments:

Awesome post dude.. This does work… Most of the people that left a comment saying that this doesn’t work, didn’t try.

Here’s my super simple method for building self discipline and beating laziness, procrastination or bad habits…

Has this ever happened to you?

You come home from work and you know you’ve got lots of stuff to do, whether it’s making an important phone call, washing the dishes or even working on your home based business…

You “decide” to turn on the TV, or check email, or close your eyes for a “just a few minutes…”

Only 2 hours later (or more) you get back to reality, filled with shame and self blame. You let yourself down again…

Here is what I recommend you do next time:

1. Plan in advance

As simple as it may sound, planning your actions in advance is critical, if you want to avoid these “incidents” of laziness and procrastination.

You see, there are times that you get “week”, especially when your mind needs a rest, like when you come home from work. You need to be ready for those times in advance and plan what you’re going to do.

2. Stay in control

Planning in advance is important, but sometimes it’s not enough to ‘beat laziness’, for me anyway. You know what I’m talking about…

Once the TV is on or once I clicked the “send / receive” email button I can easily forget everything I had planned to do and loose track of time.

So next time you catch yourself in such a moment, when you’re just about to enter the “procrastination zone”, simply make a firm decision. There’s no need to fight with yourself if you really need a break, but get it under control…

Instead of acting on impulse, decide to give yourself a break and set the time limit.

I’ve found it best to say (in your mind or out-loud):

I now choose to… (fill the blank)

instead of… (fill the blank)

because… (try to fill the blank)

So what you’re doing is making a logical decision (in about 10 seconds). You don’t just decide what you’re going to do, you also remind yourself what you’re “supposed” to be doing, and you also look for a good reason for putting it off.

A good reason may be “because I really need a break” for example.

When doing this exercise, you may find that you don’t really have any good reason to “get lazy”, and sometimes you will naturally “get busy”, doing what you had planned to do.

Other times you may find that you have some good reason to put off your important tasks, and that’s FINE…

You see, as long as you make conscious and rational decisions, you’ll be training yourself to be in control, and that’s the whole point of this.

In the long run, this line of thinking will raise your self discipline, because you will get used to being in control. You will eliminate that part of you who does things “uncontrollably”.

Don’t dismiss this…

You may be fooled by the simplicity of this method and dismiss it (or forget about it). Don’t make that mistake. Try it on yourself, and I can almost guarantee that you will come back here to thank me ;-)

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