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Waking Up With Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Do you often wake up with sour throat? dry mouth? bad taste in your mouth?

Here are a few common causes and solutions you may want to try…

1. Pills side effects

Some pills, especially sleeping pills can cause that bad taste when you wake up. Generally I would stay away from sleeping pills or any pills for that matter. At least consider trying another pill. Of course, I’m not a doctor, and you should consult one before you make any decision on that.

2. Dehydration

Not much to say about that, except that you should have at least a glass of water, right before bedtime.

3. Bacteria

During the night at least a couple of new bacteria generations are brought to world, inside your mouth…

To prevent that, no surprise here – you should brush your teeth and use mouthwash before you go to sleep.

Also – keep track of what you eat and drink before sleep and experiment. For most people spicy foods before bed time is a bad idea. For you, though, it might be herbal tea, who knows?

4. Breathing problems and Sleep Apnea

This group includes some medical conditions. Especially if you have other problems, such as snoring, waking up tired and alike, you should get yourself checked.


You may be simply going to sleep with blocked nostrils, which makes you breathe through your mouth all night.

Make sure to open your airways right before bedtime. Just go to the bathroom and do whatever you need to do to enable you to breath freely through your nose.

Read more about breathing problems during sleep:

Is it Sleep Apnea or ‘Just’ Snoring

Snoring and Night Sweating (on


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